About Us

When it comes to social media and utilizing it for business growth, FOM has extensively researched and developed the most effective ways to increase online exposure for all size businesses. Focused Online Marketing has decreased the learning curve and increased the impact of using social media as a lead generator and an online exposure asset for many companies. FOM has helped numerous clients reach out to their current client base, build new relationships, and increase brand identity through their proprietary and custom programs.

Every individual on the Focused Online Marketing team is dedicated to providing the most creative ideas and upstanding service to every client. We bring a wide variety of knowledge, talent, and expertise to provide every client a high ROI.

joshJosh Studzinski – President/Founder

Josh Studzinski is the Founder and Owner of an online marketing and social media company called Focused Online Marketing, Inc. (FOM). Josh graduated from Eastern Illinois University on the dean���s list with a degree in Business Management. He is an outside the box thinker that uses his skills to help other businesses grow their customer bases and revenues. He has been featured on WJOL 1340 for his social media expertise; and is also a published writer for The Business Ledger, a leading business newspaper for Chicagoland and Suburbs. In 2010, Focused Online Marketing won an Entrepreneurial Excellence Award through The Business Ledger for Early Stage Company. Josh has also spoken at many conferences around the Midwest including ICOVA & The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. Some of Focused Online Marketing clients include Chick-fil-a, Chicago Muse, and American Chartered Bank.

brianBrian Tomkins – CEO

Brian Tomkins has been a pioneer in Social Media Marketing by building his own brand online and helping others to do the same. He helps clients build community around their brand by supplementing traditional marketing techniques with online social media and other online tools. Brian recently returned to Chicago after forming a marketing firm in San Diego, CA. He has been a frequent speaker and media guest where he discusses the latest trends in social media as they apply to business, politics and current events. While in San Diego, Tomkins was a regular TV contributor on KUSI’s ���Good Morning San Diego,” hosted the radio program “The Social Media Nation” and was a regular on KCBQ radio. In Chicago, Brian has been regularly published in the Herald News Business Ledger. In 2010 he was featured in the book, “Go Givers Sell More” co-authored by best-selling authors Bob Burg and John David Mann. He has successfully helped authors, businesses, entertainers, organizations, and politicians maximize the effectiveness of their online media campaigns across the country. He received his B.A. from Lindenwood University and his M.A. from Governor’s State University.


Jeff Studzinski – New Media Sales Trainer

Jeff sales career has been extremely successful in all areas of sales including national and global sales, sales training, and sales management! Jeff has received many accolades in his sales career including Salesman of the year, Sales SVP award which is the highest sales award given in the sales industry. Under Jeff’s direction and Leadership, Jeff has propelled many companies significantly including propelling sales from 20 million a year to over 50 million! Jeff sales program called “Commitment to Sales Excellence” has helped propel many companies to surpass their sales goals!

Jeff has taken his many years in the sales arena and applied them to not only offline sales techniques, but online and new media sales tactics. Jeff is an expert with using LinkedIn and other business professional sites to network, build relationships, generate leads, and close sales. Jeff knows that you have to change your sales processes online, but when you use both online and offline approaches effectively, it turns out to be an extermely powerful one-two punch!