Corporate Training

TrainingFocused Online Marketing is here to help teach companies to embrace technologyand ways to integrate social media and technology outlets into their companies. Technology is a way to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition.

Focused Online Marketing can create custom trainings to your specifics and needs, or you can choose from our already roboust trainings. Here is a list of some of our most popular topics:

Sales 2.0: Using LinkedIn To Its Fullest Potential

Over the past two years, the sales world has been turned upside down with online capabilities. No longer are cold calls the best way to reach out to people you haven’t meet yet. LinkedIn and other social media outlets are the new and emerging ways to build a professional network in the sales world. Focused Online Marketing’s Sales 2.0 training will focus in on profile development, online sales techniques, combining old school and new school sales tactics, and ways to close sales more effectively online.

Social Media: The New Way To Have A Conversation

Sending mail and emails are becoming less and less prevalent in the business world. Many companies are using social media to increase communication, the effectiveness of that conversation, and the speed and time it is responded too. Social Media outlets are excellent ways to increase productivity while reducing costs. This presentation will focus on ways to use social media to increase corporate conversation through social media and how to make each individual have more social media knowledgeable for business purposes.

The New Media Strategy: How To Use Social Media To Build A Company

Print, public relations, and website design all have their own strategies; and so should your social media campaign. Social media, when used effectively, can help take a company to new levels that weren’t possible before. This training will focus on keys opportunities and strengths of using social media for your company. Focused Online Marketing will work with your team to build an effective, efficient, and ROI focused social media strategy. We can help train and develop employees and key figures to become social media knowledgeable to leverage these sites to their main potential.

These are Focused Online Marketing’s most popular corporate trainings, but we can tailor a training session to meet your needs and expectations.

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