Facebook Marketing

Looking to take advantage of the over 500 million people of Facebook? We can help! FOM, Inc. specializes in custom FBML pages and display advertising campaigns to build your brand, customers, and revenues.

Facebook Custom Pages (FBML)

Custom pages on Facebook helps your company stand out from the other 1.5 million business pages on Facebook. These unique pages give your brand a stronger identity of Facebook, and gives you complete control over the information people will see when they first come on to your business page.

FOM can design your company a professional and custom Facebook page for your business that can include the following:
- Fully coded FBML page:FBML
- Embedded video
- Contact/Inquiry form
- Banners and Headers
- Make it as default landing page
- Portfolio pictures or work
These are just some ways to use the custom Facebook page. All our work is unique and will work with our client to develop the best design and strategy for their FBML page.
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Facebook Display Marketing Campaigns

Focused Online Marketing opens up new opportunities on Facebook by delivering automated optimization while removing much of the complexity from campaign management and reporting. 

We will help develop a strategy for your Facebook campaign to identify the keys areas of success for the display advertising along with keeping costs down. Some of the areas we hone in on are:
- Ageads
- Demographics
- Location
- Interests
- Buying Habits
- Brand Awarness Opportunities

Our Facebook campaigns are best used in conjunction with a custom FBML Facebook tab to capture leads and develop the corporate identity. We will work with you help develop the most effective way to utilize Facebook’s capabilities to build your business.