Local Marketing

Focused Online Marketing is here to help the small business community by providing services to fit their target markets. Local marketing can be very successful when done effectively. There are two main types of local marketing:
- Search Engine Marketing
- Organic Link Building

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

We develop a significant “Web Presence” (not just a website), for local businesses in an area that is largely dominated by national chains and corporations. We do so for a cost effective, FLAT FEE. We specialize in providing comprehensive and compelling information about your business to consumers in your chosen campaign areas. By utilizing a unique process known as “geo-targeting”, the physical location of a web searcher is determined, and then your specific content is delivered to them based on the nature of their inquiry. Simply put “geo-targeting” enables local businesses to be matched with local searchers.

With paid marketing, this would include using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platforms to put your company in front of your local market. Using PCC can be very effective type of marketing when focusing on the correct market and conversion factors. Depnding on your company and objectives, this could be through Google, Facebook, and other PPC platforms.

Organic Link Building

Building organic back links is an effective way to improve SEO and links within the search engines. This can be done through many different outlets such as using article submissions, blog submissions, video marketing, and social bookmarking. The main benefit of using organic listing is that is more effective in the long run opposed to using search engine marketing.

This can also be accomplished by getting your business listed in biggest and highest page ranking local directories. Focused Online Marketing can help your company get in the correct places, where the most amount of people will be looking for your business.

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